Monday, March 21, 2011


In the North Country, Spring takes it’s good time coming.  It lingers in the nether regions of the south and teases us with warmth and hope only to let winter come back again to torture us.  Today was no exception.
    On the first full day of Spring, we here in the North Country are being beaten back by yet more snow, ice, and cold, damp nastiness.  I’m tired of it and ready for flowers and warm.  I told Romona that it was snowing and she said, “Cool.”  She’s been effected permanently by bad weather so we have to forgive her. 
    I’m tired of the shoveling and coldness.  My body hungers for sunshine and warmer weather.  So, come Spring we beckon you, warm our space and let the flowers grow.

Peace and Balance,


  1. Just went for a walk in T-shirt and shorts. Very pleasant.

    My back, sore from shoveling, is now better. My lungs aren't hacking up crap.

    I've even a nice tan.

    Miss you guys, but I can't go back until it's safe.

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