Monday, March 21, 2011


  We often forget to give praise to those that have done the greatest in our lives in very subtle ways.
forget that behind our every day scenes there is that one person that drives us and supports us in ways that we don’t notice.  We forget, and when we realize what has been done it’s often to late.  That person more than likely sits in support of us still regardless of our thoughtlessness. 
    I have a person in my life like that.  She is the most substantial and strongest supporter I’ve every had in my life.  She stands by me through thick and thin ,silently ,protecting me and instructing me. 
    My supporter comes in the frame of my most favorite person in the world, my angel, Romona.  She is the one that has given her all to me.  Romona, if I’ve ever forgotten to give you praise and venerable respect, I apologize.  For I love you more than I ever have and you are my true Hero.

I love You,

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