Wednesday, February 14, 2024


 I have been told in the past that because I don't believe thee same way NOTHer individual does that I am going to "the other place"  where that is wasn't specific, however like I sais then I write now, " I don't believe in "the other place"   I do believe in etanding or sitting beside the creator embraced in the love of the universe, being embraced by Jesus the Christ, Wakan Tanka Tunkasila "Great apirit Grandfather in all the guises of God for we are all his/her children we are all brothers and sisters on our home the Great Mother Earth,  Ina Macha kunsi ye.   I EMBRACE THE LORD jESUS, THE budha       and all within my reach, we are all family.   mitAKUYE oYATSIN hETCHETU YELO.  ho.   "for all my relations it is So, HO,   

Peace and balance,