Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

I am a Metis man, a mix blood American Indian living in Northern New England with a Mix blood wife amongst the Abenaki celebrating today's holiday, Thanksgiving.  The Abenaki are directly related to the folks that walked out on the beach and greeted the poor souls landing on the rock called Plymouth by saying, "Hello" in clear happy English.  I understand that the Pilgrims must have been just a tad confused and wondered just what the hell was going on.  After all here where some of the most regal people in the world walking out and greeting them in their own language.  They must have been dumbstruck.  Being a mixed up mutt sort of fellow, I can relate to the possible thoughts of the two braves that walked out and greeted them, "These people are crazy, this land is poison, people die here."  But, hey they helped the folks survive non the less and we celebrate the day for the food.  So, I am grateful.  I am Thankful most of all for my wife Romona, that tolerates me and loves me more than any other person ever has.  I am thankful that I'm still working in this time of upheaval.  And, I am thankful I'm alive.  So to all of you... Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy each other and live fully the day.

Peace and Balance,

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