Monday, August 20, 2012

Audrey Gibson, "Little Red Cloud"

I don’t know much about the early life of my Mother’s mother other that she was born in Butte Mt. somewhere early in the last century. From what I’ve gathered there was some controversy over my grandma’s birth, but that was never fully explained to me. Anywho, she eventually ended up in Boulder married to my grandpa, “Hoot”.
My Grandmother was a Kootenai/ Salish Irish/Welsh Indian kid that became very educated. She was formally schooled as well as educated in the secret ways of her people. My grandma was a medicine woman. When I was young I remember doing the rounds with her. She would travel a wide circle around the Billings Mt. And Crow agency area’s visiting the old and infirm elders of both Indian and White families. She would give advice, share stories and administer a certain sort of medical advise we can call big medicine. There was one lady she would visit more than other’s. Unfortunately I can’t remember her name, but the exchange of wisdom was mutual from both women. They shared a certain bond that was more than a friendship or a client. This lady would give me candy and goodies upon our arrival, so as you can imagine it was a favorite stop for me.
My Grandma was the one who showed me how to throw a ball, ride a bike, use a glove, shoot baskets, and swing a golf club. I’m not good at the golf club thing. They remind me too much of a sword and I’ve got that inner born hit to kill instinct that makes golfing difficult. She also taught me the ways of her medicine. The secrets of listening that go a long to help heal.
Audrey was all of 4 feet 11 with boots on and she was the head girls basketball coach of the Crow Agency high school at Hardin Mt. They called her Little Red Cloud because her hair was bright almost orange red. It wasn’t her natural color. She died her hair red because that was the school colors for Crow Agency High School. After all she was the basketball coach. She was also a teacher that taught both English and Science. My grandma was a very learned woman. I remember listening to my Dad and her have discussions that would blow the mind of the average listener. My Dad was a great fan of grandma and followed her lead into teaching.
My Grandma Gibson was Heyoka. She was a backwards warrior and often a clown. She spent her life working with the elderly and the children. She was and still is the great memory of my childhood. She taught me the things that I brought with me into adulthood, the important things that people store from their childhoods. She separated the wheat from the chaff.
My grandmother eventually succumbed to the advanced stages of the Alzheimer’s disease that first attacked her in her fifties and sixties. Her memories decade, but my memories of her live on strong. Live on Little Red, I know the Happy Hunting Grounds are good to you.
Peace and Balance,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Henry Clark Gibson, "Hoot"

My mother’s Father was a big Choctaw/Chickasaw Irish Indian from Texarkana, Arkansas. Even though he adamantly claimed to be from the Texas side of the Border because all things in Texas are bigger. Research showed that he was actually born on the Arkansas side of the border. Texarkana is a city ripped in two by the Texas, Arkansas border. However, when my grandfather was born there may have not been state boundaries in that part of the country yet. He was born somewhere in the late 1800’s. He never really new his real age.
On a shelf in my home I have some horse tack that was owned by my Grandpa. There is a bridal, bit, and a strap that all have a bold US stamped on them. These are US Calvary issued items that date somewhere during the turn of the last century, or one before. He wasn’t in the Calvary. He was an Indian kid growing up in the southwestern desert.
When my Grandpa was a young man he and some friends drove a heard of horses and cattle straight north from Texas to Montana. As he told me the story, there were no fences or roads that bared their progress. Now remember these were a group of Indians heading north. Somewhere along the way they happened to pick up the Calvary tack. I do believe there may have been some horses attached. How ever they acquired the material I’ll leave up to your imaginations.
After arriving in the Montana territory, grandpa began working as a cowboy and horse trainer on a large ranch in Boulder Mt. He eventually became the ranch foreman in charge of a staff of cowboys and drivers. He was the boss, El Heffe. During his time in Boulder he met a Kootenai/Salish Irish woman named Audrey and they married. I’ll write about her later on.
My mother, Linda Elaine Gibson, was born in August of 1938 in the back seat of an old sedan when my grandpa was in his early to mid forties. She was raised until she was about 13 years old on that Ranch in Boulder. My Uncle John came after. Being in Montana living on a Ranch protected my grandparents from the worst of the depression. Being a couple Indian kids gave them the skills and stamina to survive.
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor Grandpa joined the US Navy. He worked as a diesel mechanic in the boiler room of a ship. During his time in the Navy he boxed. Fighting was a way to keep his mind off of not being home. Wars do that. They take people from their families and change them.
My grandfather traveled all over the world. He knew people and he taught them what he knew. What he knew, the secrets he shared along with the life he led are the stuff of legends. Minor ones maybe, but hey legends are legends however short they are. They called him Hoot, the sounds of an Owl. He died at the approximate age of 111.
Peace and Balance,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Up And Coming

Howdy all, in the next few blogs I’ve decided to share with you some stories about my family. That is my gandparents, parents, siblings, friends,  and everyone I remember.  The stories may be entertaining, or they may not be, we shall see.
Peace and Balance,

The High Road

There’s an old Scottish song that says, “You’ll take the High road and I’ll take the Low road and I’ll get to Scotland before Ye.” This morning I write thinking about the High road. The High road is the rough road, the rocky road, the road that gives us cuts and bruises and often open wounds. I’m thinking about this road because of the recent ordeal that my beautiful wife, Romona and I have been going through this summer.
Sometimes there is a point in which mountains crumble and walls removed, in which all sacred things seem lost and human trust gone with it. If it were not for my savior, my Mona, I do not believe I would be surviving this ordeal. She has been my foundation, my crutch, she has been my confidant, my conscience, the rock that holds me together grounded. It has been a hard and painful journey. The veil has been lifted from our eyes and we have seen the face of humanity.
I removed a post I had written claiming I was on walkabout. This was not true. I was merely fooling myself into believing large philosophical thoughts that blinded me to the truth. I am not on a road alone. I am embraced by the most beautiful soul I have ever met, my Romona, and I regret to say that I have not treated her with the respect, dignity, and trust that is hers. She stands ever present giving me the inspiration to get out of bed each morning and to carry on each day, she is my hope. For her ever present faith in me and the guidance she gives I am forever grateful, Romona I love you and thank you for being you.
Our story began somewhere after the holiday last year when I called in ill from work and slept in. Romona and I stayed in bed and caught an extra eye full of sleep. I don’t know why I woke, maybe to go to the bathroom, but there was something missing from our driveway. Our car was missing. It was repossessed on the day I was going to make a double payment. The bank would not negotiate and the amount of money to get the vehicle back was so large that it was no longer an option. Supposedly we still owe. This I don’t understand. My friend Ray drove me down south to the car lockup and we retrieved our belongings from the deposed car.
Another friend found a cheap car for us to drive after letting us use his personal vehicle, thank you Tim. I was supposed to pay for the car when we got our finances together. This was supposed to happen by now, it did not. On the way home from grocery shopping late on a very cold night, we tend to shop late, the vehicle made a funny spit and a hissing noise and slowly came to a stop. It hasn’t ran since. It was about eleven in the evening and we had a carload of groceries to get home. Luckily a police officer came by soon after and took Mona home and came back and waited with me for the tow truck. We got it towed home, emptied the cargo and have been without a car ever since. This was about eight months ago. I relied on a friend to cart me back and forth from work, we walked, and we have been going to appointments and the stores when our son, Lee is home with his car. Thank you Lee and thank God he’s been here when home from school. Lee’s a student in his final year now at PSU. I should mention, the very same day we had trouble with our car, his engine blew in his car. It was fixed after much trouble and expense on Lee’s part. Now he’s driving a much nicer vehicle, thank God.
Another thing I should mention. My foundation and inspiration, Romona, is not well. She is a very ill young lady that needs constant medical attention. Consequently I have not been able to get her to her doctor’s appointments like she should. There are several specialists she needs to see that we can’t get to because of the lack of reliable wheels. Due to this fact several things are happening right now that would have been avoided if it were only the convenience of a working car and a better income, or a “real job” as I call it. She is still twice what I am ill or not.
As the school year progressed and I began making inquires about my summer job, I worked with the custodians at the same school I work in during the winter, I discovered I did not have a job. This revelation came with two weeks left in the school year. I am devastated, floored, and in serious financial trouble. Bills have piled up, and our mortgage is now in arrears, and I haven’t been able to collect unemployment. We’ve tried some desperate measures like selling gold, which we did not do, and we’ve managed to pull through to the mid of August. A summer without an income.
I’m facing garnishment on my school loans, no mortgage payment until school starts, and a multitude of piled up stuff that seems to keep finding it’s way here. Including very recently the discovery of a Face Book page that was started in my name without my approval. This is technically called identity theft and will be dealt with. When will it stop?
With all this happening my Romona has still stood by strong and vigilant giving me advise and the benefit of her wisdom. She is my inspiration, she is my angel, and she has taken the “High Road” with me. Now, on to Scotland.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Glory Of Coffee

In my native tongue a couple words for coffee are Pejuta Sapa, black medicine and Wakaliapi, which means Holy bean. Each word has it’s place of importance. When I awake in the wee hours of the morning it becomes the Holy Bean. I have a daily ritual that starts very early in the morning. Religiously loading the coffee pot with beans and water, I concentrate on the coffee maker until I am satisfied that the magic liquid is emerging from the pot. A very religious experience.

Coffee takes on the other name when the sun goes down and the moon comes out. It is that substance that helps us stay awake deep into the night. The life of the night owl, the Black Medicine. Romona and I both adhere to the practices of the bean, it’s holy nature and it’s darker staying awake properties. It is truly sent by the gods.

It is a multipurpose plant that has given us, the addicts of the world, a genuine reason to get out of bed in the morning and study late into the night, and to any scholarly individual world wide it has given a divine purpose. Thank you God for it’s creation.

Peace and Balance,

Monday, March 21, 2011


In the North Country, Spring takes it’s good time coming.  It lingers in the nether regions of the south and teases us with warmth and hope only to let winter come back again to torture us.  Today was no exception.
    On the first full day of Spring, we here in the North Country are being beaten back by yet more snow, ice, and cold, damp nastiness.  I’m tired of it and ready for flowers and warm.  I told Romona that it was snowing and she said, “Cool.”  She’s been effected permanently by bad weather so we have to forgive her. 
    I’m tired of the shoveling and coldness.  My body hungers for sunshine and warmer weather.  So, come Spring we beckon you, warm our space and let the flowers grow.

Peace and Balance,


  We often forget to give praise to those that have done the greatest in our lives in very subtle ways.
forget that behind our every day scenes there is that one person that drives us and supports us in ways that we don’t notice.  We forget, and when we realize what has been done it’s often to late.  That person more than likely sits in support of us still regardless of our thoughtlessness. 
    I have a person in my life like that.  She is the most substantial and strongest supporter I’ve every had in my life.  She stands by me through thick and thin ,silently ,protecting me and instructing me. 
    My supporter comes in the frame of my most favorite person in the world, my angel, Romona.  She is the one that has given her all to me.  Romona, if I’ve ever forgotten to give you praise and venerable respect, I apologize.  For I love you more than I ever have and you are my true Hero.

I love You,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being Green

Kermit The Frog said once, “It’s not easy being green…” Thinking of the day, March, 17th St. Patrick’s day, I envision little green fellows that might be related to Kermit, or not, wandering the woods in high hats and funny shoes hiding away their many pots of gold. It’s not easy.

All dressed in green and smoking long pipes, these are the wee folk of Ireland, Leprechauns of old legend. The green of spring mixed with the wonder of a child, their magic is hidden in the imagination of every one light of heart with a twinkle in the eye. The true magic of the wood.

I’ve heard it said, “God invented whiskey so the Irish wouldn’t rule the world,” and, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Both are old Irish curses. But, for all of us that have some Irish heritage I remember an old Gaelic poem,

“Ik Das Tir Nan Og
Ir Das Hombage
Ir Das Tir Nan Og
Ik Das Hombage…”

“This is Tir Nan Og, (Ireland, the land of the Ferries)
It our home
It is Tir Nan Og
This Our Home…”
Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Peace and Balance,

Friday, March 11, 2011


Human beings are resilient creatures.  We access future problems and make decisions that may or may not come to fruition.  We will even build our homes and live for generations in the most dangerous areas available, thinking we’re safe and sound.  This often leads to disaster.
    On the Japanese afternoon past one of the mightiest earth quakes that has ever been recorded shook the sea floor 45 miles off the coast north of the island.   The quake came in at a whopping 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale.  Japan is the one country in the world that is most prepared for such a disaster and the quake actually did little damage considering is size.  What came next was another story.
    There was a 26 foot wall of water washing the coast of Japan away.  The tsunami that was created by the quake did the real damage.  Destroying homes, businesses, roadways, and brining down the infrastructure; the wave was the hand of the water gods brushing the sides of a quite, peaceful nation.  The loss of life at a little over a thousand is actually extremely low considering the size of the city of Myogi at over a million souls.
    The wave swept across the Pacific and struck every coast along the ocean.  Now the healing and cleaning will begin.  Let’s do the Zen thing and bow a low head holding the rice bowl forward for the people of Japan.

Peace and Balance,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The White Stuff

This past Monday, we experienced an unfortunate event. The Great North Woods, was covered by two feet of slushy, nasty, heavy snow. It was pretty to watch as it fell. It even gave us a warm cozy feeling deep inside, but that was not to last.

School was cancelled and the children of the area all hip hip hoorayed in harmony. Romona and I stayed in bed and enjoyed some needed rest and relaxation. Right about 3:00 pm. I decided to go out and shovel the stuff off of the drive way so we could get out the next morning and do something like, go to work.

I hadn’t calculated the depth or the weight of the white stuff correctly, no not correctly at all. After 6 ½ hours of shoveling I wandered back into the house tired and very sore. Romona had a hot cup of coffee waiting for me and I took a much needed shower.

Occasionally the creator puts before us a test. Monday’s test was the snow, a shovel, and much heavy lifting. I think I heard the voice, I can not be sure, after all that shoveling I was seeing and hearing many things.

Peace and Balance,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Politics of Children

Recently in the news we read, view, or listen to the many sudden upheavals in some of the Middle Eastern Governments. It started in Egypt with Hosni Mubarak’s refusal first to give up power to the people, then fleeing when his own military stepped in and took over. On the heals of awakening corruption charges Mubarak fled and his cabinet fell.

Next of all places to have political unrest, Tunisian president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali age 74, accused of corruption and murder has been overthrown and the military has taken over. I should restate my previous paragraph, this happened before Egypt. Then spilled over to the Egyptian population. The countries that border Tunisia are in order from the Red Sea and Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunis, and Algeria. Is this a coincidence? I think not. Revolution and an awakening eye are focusing in Northern Africa, the Muslim world is feeling great growing pains. Who’s next, Morocco? I believe that’s already a Democratic nation.

Let’s discuss Libya for a moment. Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, Libya’s autocratic leader and dictator has held power there for upwards of 30+ years. I remember the eighties when the US sent a hit squad and planes to rocket his house in Tripoli. We missed him, but that quieted him for a few years. No one took him to seriously because his life style began looking more akin to Hugh Heffner’s. However, there was the occasional story that made it’s way into our ears about people dieing, families disappearing, and large amounts of money flowing through Swiss banks supporting Terrorism. We pretended we didn’t hear and went through our daily lives blind and happy.

It has taken his own people to finely deal with the maniac in the castle. After seeing an interview on CNN, listening to what Hillary Roddem-Clinton has said about him, and watching his body language, I can comfortably state that President Col. El-Qaddafi is insane. He appears to be suffering from megalomania, delusions, and is slipping away into his own self created fantasy. Maybe, just maybe he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The northern parts of Africa for the most part are exploding into political turmoil. Change is painful, but sometimes very beneficial. Children do grow, and political children sometimes grow slow at first and explode to a death akin to re-birth.

Is it time?

Peace and Balance,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being Serious

I admit that I have been irreverent in the past. I have spoken my opinions about various organizations and affiliates. I have written in jest about religion and it’s leaders. I have poked fun at everybody from the Catholics through the Buddhists‘, to the Jews. I’ve even poked fun at my own Native American brothers and sisters, usually ending at my own adopted philosophies of Taoist Zen and Reiki, I’ll make fun of anyone.

That aside I’m going to take a moment to express my pure and unwavering reverence for anyone who dawns the cloth and preaches his/her beliefs to the masses. Anyone that has the convictions to express themselves in hopes of teaching and preaching to others a certain point of view and perspective, should be respected and honored.

I follow many masters. I believe that every culture and every teaching philosophically and spiritually has a spark of the ultimate truth. We are all walking the same path, the manner in which we walk that path is purely a choice of personal preference and how we are going to except and understand that truth; how we follow our convictions. We accept things in ways that we are capable of understanding them.

If I’ve ever offended or seemed to speak cruelly of any other’s beliefs or organizations, I truly remain apologetic. To the many Ministers, Reverends, Priests, Brothers, Sisters, Monks, Iman, Shaman, Holy Folk, and Speakers of Truth, I bow a deep and respectful bow and send the blessings of the universe upon you.

Peace and Balance,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Return

There are many stories from many cultures about the return of an individual of god like proportions. The Christians are waiting for Christ, the Jews a Messiah, Islam is waiting for the Mahdi, Buddhists are waiting for the next incarnation of the Buddha, Maitreya, the Lakota’s are waiting for the return of The White Buffalo Calf Woman, Pte San Wi, as are the Cheyenne, and various other tribes, the Hopi are waiting for the return of the Big Brother, the Navaho are waiting for the Hopi to release the sacred seals, and the Mexicas are waiting for the Aztec God, Quetzalcoatl to return. All of these apparitions are names to fame of the Returning. What form that it takes, we’re not supposed to know.

We have been searching the stars and approaching the astrological folk to give us guidance. “Prepare us oh faithful one’s, give us our path.”

Often the elders of our tribes laugh at us, often not. Sort of depends upon how serious they take themselves. There are movements to the right, and to the left. Politically our spirit is in limbo, spiritually we are still infants, and physically we are children.

There is an energy present on our Earth that is going to manifest itself. How and what form it takes depends upon us, the lost souls of Mother Earth. I’ve heard stories of 2/3 of the worlds population suffering at the hands of the other third. I wonder what that means.

Remember the mightiest power still present here is reality, who’s?

Peace and Balance,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The world revolves around a black sticky mass of goo, the blood of the planet. Human kind has been draining this blood steadily for hundreds of years. Not for thousands of years, or millions of years, but a short few hundred years. It hasn’t been that long since we started relying on oil to support the global economy. When did this happen?

I’m going to blame the creating of the automobile. The car in it’s many makes and models is the sole reason we are all about to either have to walk everywhere we go, or freeze to death because we’ve forgotten how to survive. Oil, the madness of modern man.

There are many ways for we small humans to go from place to place without the use of oil products. Most of them are much healthier than we currently use. There is technology available to us already that isn’t being used because those in power want to stay in power. The rest of us as far as they’re concerned might as well die. We are non people, we are nada.

It might be to late, the powers that be might or might not care. Reading between the lines and listening to what they say will give you that answer. I don’t trust them.

So as the rest of us digress into the stone age and those that have go to their golden towers, I’m hoping someone returns very soon.
Peace and Balance,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


If you’ve ever had the feeling that you were being watched maybe you have been. Have you ever made a mental call for help? Or, have you ever felt real guilty about something you’ve done? Could be your being talked to by an angel.

Angels are forces of nature. I’m taking a slightly Gnostic bend here, but every natural force has an intelligence that guides it. This is the angel of that element. The Celts would call these intelligences Fairies, the Kahuna call them Loa, and the Europeans, Angels. All forces of nature, the elements that make up our environment and keep us alive and well.

These forces of nature are Super Intelligent and get their instruction directly from the Creator themselves, God. We all have different names for these creatures, but they are all basically similar to our experiences.

For our understanding there are three basic realms, the lower realms where the denser creatures live, the middle realms where man lives, and the higher realms where the angels live. Sort of a breakdown in our psyche, the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.

I’m going to give you your first lesson in speaking to angels, listen. That’s it. Now you ask what to listen to? Everything, but really pay attention.

Peace and Balance,

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I’d like to take a moment to comment about the next wave in audio/visual technology, three dimensional high definition television. I understand that high definition or HD as it is commonly referred to isn’t really new, but it isn’t old either. A short couple winters ago, Romona and I went out and purchased one of those really cool wide screen TV sets. It’s a 52 incher that has a resolution of 1080p. That means the picture is very, very sharp when watching HD programming. We then upgraded our TV programming to include HD, and she came home one day with one of them new fangled Blue Ray players. I am in HD heaven. Having spent the money on a high performance 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound receiver and stereo a few years ago, we are now set for the top in couch potatoness.

When I was a younger man I played bass guitar in a jazz band, a big jazz band. I also doubled as the bands tech dude. That means I learned to hook up sound equipment to all sorts of stuff. So, the house is wired to the hilt. My next step is to go all wireless, wireless speakers, wireless computers, wireless everything. That would mean no more tangled mess hidden behind the really cool stuff.

Today our number one son, Lee introduced us to the next level of computing technology, the Air Mac. It’s an ultra thin HD laptop computer that has no hard drive and no disc drive. It is composed completely of Flash technology. That means the world is going all solid state, the Transformers are going to take over soon and we small humans will be the slaves to our own technology. Oh wait, that’s the way it is now…

Peace and Balance,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Gulf Breeze

From time to time we hear about UFO sightings off a point called Gulf Breeze, Florida. I’ve seen some of the photos and have wondered. My wife, Romona has speculated that the military could be testing some top secret stuff down there, Gulf Breeze is near a very active Naval base with an Air base attached.

I suppose that the interesting craft and other flying bogies could be our military testing out cool flying things. I also suppose that there is the outside possibility that another higher intelligence is bebopping around laughing it’s proverbial hind quarters off at we intelligent human beings. Romona looks at me funny when I mention this.

We have a couple of friends that are now playing pirates in the gulf of Florida at this very moment. They are sailing away in the sun with their mascot in tow. I understand there have been abductions down in the Gulf Breeze area. So, to all of you pirates down there, sharpen your knives and make sure your powder is dry. You never know what is lurking in the briny waters of the deep.

Peace and Balance,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Come On Spring, I Dare You.

There comes the time when all good warriors go to the mountain tops and cry out to the heavens. They cry for attention from the gods when feelings of inadequacy and child like behavior pushes forth from their intestinal fortitude.

I remember listening to stories told of Thor, the Thunder God, who would climb the steps to the top of Valhalla to raise his mighty hammer bringing down lightning thunder on the humans below. Bellowing out his screams man would run and hide for fear of angering this God of Thunder. Or, when the time of Loki the wolf, is upon us and the land is nothing but frozen and cold, man again hides in fear. Not I.

There comes a time when a warrior climbs to the top of the mountain and screams back at the heavens, “Let My People Go!” It’s time for spring to be sprung, the warmth of the day to return, the growth of new things.

Come on Spring be not a coward and push Loki off the mountain, let Thor reign again, let there be light, let there be warmth. The people of the Earth Mother have had enough winter for this year, it is time.

So, from all warriors atop mountains, Come on Spring, I Dare You.

Peace and Balance,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Into Love

According to ancient mystics, some of the prophets, and ascended masters, there are only two true emotions, Love and Fear. Fear is the emotion that guides all negative things in our lives. Fear creates hate, war, and the many atrocities that man has done because he can’t handle fear. Love is the emotion that creates, truly creates all positive things in our lives. The things that lead us to greatness and bind us to the universe.

When a man and a woman come together in true oneness they are communing in the principles of love. The nature of that love is the force that has created all other things, God. Fear is nothing and stands alone.

I am very fortunate in this life, I have found my one true love. She and I share a soul, we share belief, and we share our faith. We are one being in two bodies. I am very fortunate in this life. What I’m experiencing with Romona only happens once in a hundred years or so, she is my other self, she is my muse, my heart, my life, she is my wife.

Romona thank you for being here with me in this life, you have made me whole and I love you.

Peace and Balance,

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today I heard some statistics that surprised me. These stats came from about three years ago. The main point of the statement was, “We have four years to do something or the planet will go beyond the point of being able to heal itself.” That was said in 2008.

The rain forest in Brazil is being destroyed at the rate of a football field per second. The oceans are being desalinated at the poles due to melting ice. Jet streams are dipping low to the ground due to “Heavy” atmosphere. That is an accumulation of pollution that effects the tract of the wind. This causes more severe hurricane and tornado activity.

The ambient temperature of the planet has been raising steadily for the past decade, and it has been suggested that a rise in global temperature of as little as two or three degrees will permanently change the weather patterns of the planet.

Hollywood has been glamorizing this sort of effect for most of it’s scifi history, maybe some of the old writers have been tapping into the Akahshek.

I’m not a true believer in the 2012 thing, nor do I believe that the planet will die, however there is a very real possibility that human kind will disappear. Maybe we’ll be reincarnated as a cockroach?

Peace and Balance,